Thursday, March 18, 2010

AMA-Katropa Reunion

After 7 years, Katropa were reunited again. I met this guys when I transfer in AMACU Caloocan campus.We reminisced our gimmicks, lunch out in mama leng's karinderya, and a lot of misadventures. The reunion was held at  Padis point Skygarden.
Levi,Geremy, and Jeffrey already have their own family.
They were the living proof that the "Curse of impotency"  in our brotherhood is a myth.
I remember during college days, Almost all of us had lost our cellphones. Mike Prieto says that 
it is a jinx in the group and whoever breaks that curse will be impotent.


Many of us were still single and enjoying bachelor life. Thank God we are so blessed and most of us 
were doing good in our career.  This summer, we are planning to have a get together outing in Pansol Laguna.
I'm so excited guys. For sure it will fun.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Unilab "Bandit" Run

Yesterday, I woke up around 3:00 AM in the morning and went to our meeting place(GMA Kamuning Mini stop) at 4:30 am.

We are at the race venue at 5:00 AM and still have 30 minutes to warm up.
As usual, I ran as a Bandit runner. I have a lot of time to register in Unilab running
event but because I find it to expensive to register in every race event, I decided to
just bandit ran. Running became more expensive nowadays. It will cost you more or less P4,000 in a month if you will join races every week.

When the organizers were calling for the 10k runners to go in the starting line, I immediately follow Captainrunner and Minnierunner to hide in their back.You already know why. I already do bandit running for several times. You know, It takes a lot of practice and guts to master the art of bandit running.

I also met the friend of Pedo(Running Atom) named Kassy (Runaholic) and her boyfriend.

At the start of the race, I ran easy pace with the Running Couple. But suddenly, after passing 2K, we saw Senator Pia and Doc Aga running and they chased the senator to take some pictures with her.

We split up that time because my shin splint attacks again.
I started to walk until i have reached 4K. I was not able to reach the turn around point because I saw them already in the middle of 5K. so I decided to run with them again thinking that I am not required to complete the whole race. That is one of the disadvantage of bandit running. I had approximately 8K long run yesterday.A good preparation for my Globe Run For Home on March 21,2010.

The Unilab Run event is far more organized than previous races like century superbods run. There are race markers every kilometers. There were enough drinking stations and race marshals.

Coach Rio was right. The said race is worth the registrations fee of the participants. The redemption of bags in baggage counter was very organized as well as the distribution of the loot bags. I promise to register in the Unilab Run next year.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Everyday is a new day

Last night, I was very disappointed because our team entry in Stradcom's Biggest Looser Contest were dissolved. My friend Cris who also one of the contestants asked me to join their team. But because of uncertain rules set by the organizers I decided not to join the contest anymore.

Early morning,while we are having a meeting with Sybase Solutions, Nicolo Hallare asked me if I will join Globe Run for home race. Sir Ernie and I wanted to join that race but the registration fee is too expensive. There were discounted rates if you will register by group of 7 members. Nick said that they will register today and they already have 5 members that will run for 5K category. So Ernie and I decided to join 5k instead of 10k.

After the meeting, we immediately fill up forms and give it to nick. He get the form
and said "Padala ko nalang dito sa stradcom yung race kit nyo". Then they left.
We forgot to give our registration fees. So now we were wondering if nicolo will pay for our registration fee. If that happens. today is my lucky day.

Hopefully, I will run on Globe Run for free.