Thursday, September 30, 2010

BlueWater Day Spa 'Innovating Wholeness' Fun Run

Every time I join races, I always started slow in the first few kilometers, I often encounter slight knee pain and shin splints in the beginning, but after a few minutes of running, I began to run faster and the pain is starting to ease. The longer I run, the more I feel more energetic.  My legs keep running like it was autopilot maybe because of the adrenaline rush that I felt.

Every time I crossed the finish line, all the pain seems to vanished. Every time I saw my friends cheering and waiting for me feels like heaven.

But  the day after the race feels like hell. Often times, I got scared of "STAIRS". Every steps i make feels like my hamstrings is being teared into pieces. Every time I felt uneasy with post-race body pain, I always visit my favorite SPA.

10 Benefits of Massage for runners

1. Break up scar tissue that may have built up in your muscles.
2. Improve blood flow to your muscles.
3. Loosen muscles that have contracted (shortened) with continued use.
4. Allow more oxygen to move into your muscles.
5. Improve the flow of lymphatic fluid, which aids in healing.
6. Reduce the chance of injury, through proper stretching, race preparation and through deep tissue massage.
7. Improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved power and performance.
8. Shorten recovery time between workouts.
9. Maximize the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow.
10. Enhance elimination of lactic-acid build up (a by-product of exercise).

If you want to run and have a free massage after, hurry up and join

BlueWater Day Spa 'Innovating Wholeness' Fun Run 

WHEN: October 17, 2010
WHERE: SM Mall of Asia

Registration starts at September 1, 2010

Race Categogy:

3K : Php500
5K:  Php600
10K: Php700

Race Kit:

Singlet, Towel, Race Bib, Race Map, drawstring bag and lots of freebies.

Registration Areas:
  • Blue Water Day Spa Branches- Ortigas (724-0426), Makati (817-3126), Eastwood (702-8290), Capitol Hills (473-0455) & Tomas Morato (486-5594)
  • TIMEX in SM Mall of Asia and Greenbelt
  • ROX in Bonifacio High Street
  • Columbia in Greenbelt 5
  • Res Toe Run in Gateway

With special participation of:
Sam Milbey,Karylle Tatlonghari,Fabio Ide,
Boom Labrusca, Daniel Matsunaga,Coach Alfrancis Chua and Kiko Rustia.