Monday, June 21, 2010

Rock and Rain

Rock and Run is a running event and rock concert combined. It really sounds cool, so I invited my friends to join the event. I registered in Toby's Trinoma last June 13, 2010. The cashier told me that they do not have the race kit and It can be claim on June 16, 3 days before the event.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 12:00 PM.  I went to Runnr's Booth  in BHS just to claim our race kit. It took me 3 hours standing in the long line of angry race kit claimants. I am very fortunate that day because I  brought my umbrella. It was a very hot afternoon and many of us was suffering the heat of sun.

The distribution of race kit was a disaster. Many registered runners are missing in their list. I wonder why it happened. We already submitted the registration form
3 days before and yet our names are not listed. Well, they resolved that problem by getting the names of the unlisted runner again and ask for their receipts as a proof.  of course it waste a lot of time.
After I receive the race kit, I immediately look at the singlet. The design was great and it fits me well.

Saturday, June 19,2010  The race day.

My friend Ryzzla texted me  that we will meet up in podium at 3:30 PM.  She was very excited because it was her first official timed run. Eden was the first one to arrive in the meeting place. I ask her to
have some coffee while waiting for the JP and Ryzzla. Bonding time : )

We arrived at BHS around 5PM.  We saw a lot of runners already warming up. After we park the car in Serendra. The rains starts to fall. shocks!!!!!!!!!!!

That moment, one crazy idea came into my mind. What if I do the John Lloyd sun dance?

We cant help but to wait for the rain to stop. 30 minutes passes by and still the rain was going stronger.
Ryzzla decided  not to run anymore because she might got sick. When Eden told me she wanted to run,
I immediately remove my 5k race bib and  borrow Ryzzla's race bib. I ran 3k with Eden.

                                                              Ryzzla, Myself, and Eden

It was Eden's first official run and also my first run in 3k Category. It feels great to ran in the rain, a new experience for me. I had to run with Eden's pace. I told her that we can walk if she was already tired.
So we walk for 2 minutes  and run for 2 minutes. She had a hard time in running because she was wearing contact lenses and the wind direction was against us.

Along the way, we stop at the water station to have a drink. We grab a glass of red bull energy drink that i think contains approx. 2 bottles.

I feel a little bit warmer and jittery after a few minutes of drinking red bull. I already know the hyper feeling of Jim Carry in the movie YESMAN.

After crossing the finish line, the rain just stop. We just took some pictures and decided to get the giveaways.

Rock and Run event is big mess. A very disorganized event. The concert was canceled and the security of the runners were compromised.

On the brighter side, It was a fun experience running in the rain.
That night, I don't care about PR anymore, I don't care if the rain doesn't stop. I just  enjoy the moment.

I saw Running Atom in the claiming area, searching for our runner friends wearing a flashlight in his head.