Sunday, November 28, 2010

Runrio Afroman Distance

A week before the race, I knew that I would experience a difficulty to finish  the 32k Afroman distance race due to my poor running condition that week and my poor performance in my previous race ( MH Urbanathlon).

Even though I am scared of what will happen in the race, I knew that I can finish it. But, there are a lot of questions in my mind like

How can I maintain my energy up to the end of the race?

What will I do if my shin splints attack again?

How can I survive the Buendia flyover without exerting to much energy so that
I can reserve it for McKinley and Lawton route?

What will I do to survive the heat of the sun?
I never run more than 3 hours in my previous races, how can I survive hitting the "Wall"?

  • Two days before the race, I began carboloading and load a lot of drinks that contains electrolytes. 
  • I make sure that I have enough sleep  at least 2 days before the race.
  • I did not do practice runs anymore and rest my legs for the race day.
  • I psyched up my mind. I review the quotes of Dre Parker (Karate kid 2010).
  • I watch the video of Jeff Galloway because I will use his 5 minutes run 1 minute walk strategy.
  • I make sure that I will bring my Ipod on the race day. It will take a long time for me to finish and I need music to fight boredom.
  • I decided to wear a dry fit shirt and arm warmers instead of singlet to protect myself to sun burn.


I woke up 2am, thanks to sleepasil because I easily got sleepy the night before, I had  5 hours sleep and felt fully charged that morning. Running Atom and I met in ministop timog and have our breakfast. We arrived at BHS around 4am, enough for us to do warm ups.

The race starts at 4:30 am, I began to  run at slow pace ( 9 min per KM) and I decide to stick to the plan.
 I run 5 minutes and walk 1 minute, even though  I can manage to run  more than 5 minutes, I still walk for 1 minute to reserve energy.

I became a watch dog that moment. I look at my watch every now and then, while listening to Don Moen playlist. I saw Ellen Castillo of Team CB along Buendia flyover, She was also doing a Galloway method but, Instead of 5:1 Galloway, she was doing a 10:2 method. I paced with her for a moment and I lost her along pasong tamo loop.

Way back to Buendia flyover, I ate a hammer gel  and started walking to relax my legs and regain my energy.
After running 2 hours, I have reached KM 15 and I can still able to run. I recover my energy fast by doing the galloway. I have reached the KM21 at 2 hrs 52 minutes,One minute faster than my Camsur Pikermi.

I saw a lot of runners putting some ointments and massaging their knees in KM27. I cannot imagine that I can still run at that distance, I experienced neck and back pain but It was manageable. I did not experience shin splints, knee pains, and chaffing. The weather also kind to us, It was a cloudy day.

I am listening to my Ipod almost all throughout the race. I even sung a song of praise while running.
I know God was giving me the strength. I have a doubt to myself but I asked for his guidance and I knew he will guide me. I have a lack of preparation, I do not have a heat training and I never run a 32Km distance before. But he made it easy for me to finish the race. The weather was perfect, and as all we know, It was beyond our control.

I am worried that I will encounter shin splints or my knee injury will appear again but it never did. But again, It was beyond my control. May the glory be to God almighty. nothing is impossible with him.

I think God makes a lot of favor for me  that day. Here are the reasons why:

1. He gave us a great weather
2. I did not experience shins splints
3. No Injury
4. No knee pain
5. I was able to beat my PR in 21km
6. I was able to maintain my pace and energy
7. a very well organized event with sufficient hydration,sponge,banana, and energy gel
-Lots of freebies and a nice medal
8. Running career high
9. I finished at the time of 4 Hours 34 minutes.

Photography by: Weslee OraƱa

Thursday, September 30, 2010

BlueWater Day Spa 'Innovating Wholeness' Fun Run

Every time I join races, I always started slow in the first few kilometers, I often encounter slight knee pain and shin splints in the beginning, but after a few minutes of running, I began to run faster and the pain is starting to ease. The longer I run, the more I feel more energetic.  My legs keep running like it was autopilot maybe because of the adrenaline rush that I felt.

Every time I crossed the finish line, all the pain seems to vanished. Every time I saw my friends cheering and waiting for me feels like heaven.

But  the day after the race feels like hell. Often times, I got scared of "STAIRS". Every steps i make feels like my hamstrings is being teared into pieces. Every time I felt uneasy with post-race body pain, I always visit my favorite SPA.

10 Benefits of Massage for runners

1. Break up scar tissue that may have built up in your muscles.
2. Improve blood flow to your muscles.
3. Loosen muscles that have contracted (shortened) with continued use.
4. Allow more oxygen to move into your muscles.
5. Improve the flow of lymphatic fluid, which aids in healing.
6. Reduce the chance of injury, through proper stretching, race preparation and through deep tissue massage.
7. Improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved power and performance.
8. Shorten recovery time between workouts.
9. Maximize the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow.
10. Enhance elimination of lactic-acid build up (a by-product of exercise).

If you want to run and have a free massage after, hurry up and join

BlueWater Day Spa 'Innovating Wholeness' Fun Run 

WHEN: October 17, 2010
WHERE: SM Mall of Asia

Registration starts at September 1, 2010

Race Categogy:

3K : Php500
5K:  Php600
10K: Php700

Race Kit:

Singlet, Towel, Race Bib, Race Map, drawstring bag and lots of freebies.

Registration Areas:
  • Blue Water Day Spa Branches- Ortigas (724-0426), Makati (817-3126), Eastwood (702-8290), Capitol Hills (473-0455) & Tomas Morato (486-5594)
  • TIMEX in SM Mall of Asia and Greenbelt
  • ROX in Bonifacio High Street
  • Columbia in Greenbelt 5
  • Res Toe Run in Gateway

With special participation of:
Sam Milbey,Karylle Tatlonghari,Fabio Ide,
Boom Labrusca, Daniel Matsunaga,Coach Alfrancis Chua and Kiko Rustia.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why am I excited of Rexona Run?

It was last June 2010 when I invited Ryzzla and Eden to join the rexona run along with their friends.
Eden was the one who registered us in Timex Megamall during the first day of the registration to get the
limited Black-Gold Rexona singlet. I was planning to run my first half marathon in the said event but with the lack of time to prepare, I decided to join 10K instead.

So what are the things that I am excited about Rexona run?

Ryzzla and Eden

I miss their company, the "Kulitan" and "Picturan" sessions. They are newbie in the sports of running,  and I am proud  to say that somehow, I influenced them to get out of their comfort zone and run. The two previous events  (K4K run and Rock and Run)  that I run with them is was so organized events. It was their first Runrio event with timing chip and photovendo.

Epey's First Fun Run

Jenifer is my cousin, we have the same age that is why we are somehow close to each other. Every time I posted my running pictures, she always put likes and comments. She told me before that she wants ti try running but i am not convinced that she was really interested not until I she posted the photos of her racekit with her name in the envelop. I have another cousin that was hooked into running. :) 

A new innovation of  getting race result. I am very curious about what it looks like, how accurate and how effective it is compare to champion chip. It was my first D-tag time chip,an additional item to my collection.

Runrio Card
Rio Dela Cruz launch his Runrio Card. A discount card to Runrio events and to some running stores soon.

Six30 Running Group
Rexona Run was the first running event that Six30 have a Banner and a meeting station.

The Race Day.

I woke up 2:30 in the morning, I  have rice and adobo for my breakfast. My bag was already set. I prepare it the night before. I left the house around 3am and took a bus ride. It takes an hour for me to arrived in the venue (SM Mall of Asia), I have enough time to do warm ups because the 10K gun start was 5:20am
Eden had my race kit and my singlet and we agreed to meet early morning before the race. Eden woke up  4:30am and she texted me that shes just woke up and try to arrive as soon as she can.

While walking going to the baggage area. I saw my fellow Six30 runner Drew and Cyril in the front of baggage counter taking pictures. I don't why they choose the Portalet area to be our meeting place.

Igy, Marvs, Drew and Me

My cousin ( Jenifer AKA Epey) texted me and asked me where I am. I told her that I will meet her in the baggage area, beside the starting line, but we did not see each other. lately we I realized that she was in the other side of the starting line.We were in the same event  but unfortunately we do not have the chance to have a picture together. I'm proud of her, she finished 5K and It was her first run.

After 30mins, The 21K runners was about to start and still, I do not have my race kit. Eden texted me again saying that she had a hard time getting a cab and she was already near Pasay. I knew that I will never start the race on time. After a few minutes the 10K runners already started.

I do stretching while waiting for my running buddies, I decided to ran 3K instead of 10K. My goal  of having a new PR was replaced by making my running buddies to have their new PR. Every things happens for a reason, instead of getting pissed off because of happened to my 10K race, I choose to enjoy the run. We always have the option to choose our respond. 

We started running at around 6am. They have no time for stretching that is why we start running slowly. I set my stopwatch and paced with them. It was very funny that every time they stop running, I brought out my camera and took pictures and they cant help it but to run again for the sake of pictures. Eden and I finished the race at 33mins unofficial time. Ryzzla, Ecka, and Joy finished a few minutes after. We take some pictures every kilometer markers.

We immediately went to the loot bag boot to get our freebies. I was surprised when I got my loot bag, It was full of goods. (Rexona, Shampoo, Powerade, Century Tuna, Etc).

Me,Ryzzla, Eka, Joy and Eden

Picture with Six30 Group with out Banner

Team Six30 Photo-Ops

Breakfast with new friends
Some of my fellow Six30 Runner got there new running PR. Luigi and Louie got their fist Sub60 10k, Gary and Jonj finished their first 10k.

What do I and learned and achieved after the race?

1. Murphy's Law exist. "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".

2. We have the option to choose our response. Shit happens but I choose to have fun.
I have a lot of races waiting for me. It happens to me before so Im already used to it. I can beat my PR soon, maybe rexona was not the right time but It wont stop me from getting my goal.

3. Running Group helps a lot. A few weeks before the race, I joined the six30 Group. Being one of them makes me feel that I never run alone in my journey. We support each other and we belong to a group that promotes our common interest which is the love of Running. Six30 Group aims to develop newbie runners and make the more advance runners to get more faster.

4. I gain a lot of friends.  Every time I joined races, my friends often introduced me to their friends. I noticed that I saw a lot of friends during and after the race. I do not have a hard time finding my photos in Greentenial Photo album because some of  them  tag me already in the facebook. I already have 40 plus runner friends in my list and counting. I may not beat my running PR (Personal Record) but I improved a lot of
PR( Public Relation).

Friday, July 30, 2010

Strathletes Running Group

After our Men's health Miracle Run 2009 Event, I stopped joining running events for a while. I became busy in my payroll system project and I also joined our company basketball league.I focused on weight training that time and build a massive 190 lbs body.

Alfred and Madelin (There were no MinnieRunner and RunningAtom yet) invites us again to join  the GMA Kapuso Tatakbo ka ba fun run.  I Ran 5K without practice and I finished the race at 57mins.

Tatakbo Ka Ba Fun Run

That was the start of our running career. The goal of just finishing the race was replaced by beating our personal record. We start listing our time and aiming to beat sub40 in 5K category. That was the time
when RunningAtom and MinnieRunner were Born. They created a blogsite named Strathletes that came from the word Stradcom Athletes (A group of health conscious Stradcom employees). The site was created to give information  Running event schedule, Running tips, Post event reviews, Race results, Photo Gallery and PR List of members.

Strathletes Photo ops

Takbo Para Sa Ilog Pasig
Mchappy Day Fun Run
MH Urbanathlon 2009
Adida KOTR 2009
NB Power run 2009
Runrio Leg1: Century Superbods Run
Minzuno Infinity Run 2010
Globe Run for Home 2010
PSE Bullrun 2010
Nutrogena Chase The Sun
Mighty Run 2009

My very first running group

It was august 2008 when I started to join running events and my first event was Men's Health Miracle Run.
Running Atom, Carlo, Cris, Dexter and I decided to run just for experience. We just want to try and have fun and to burn more calories. That time, we are in the middle of our Appdev Biggest Looser Challenge .
Way back 2008, Running was not as expensive like today. The registration fee was only Php300 and it includes a race bib, Singlet and Loot bag that contains chocolate bars, supplements, MH Magazine and Gatorade. I ran 5K and I cannot recall my exact time anymore but I think its more than an hour.

Men's health Miracle Run 2008

A few months after, We joined the MH Urbanathlon 2008. The event is not just running but also includes hurdles, obstacle course and wall climbing.  We have recruited Cherry Calleja, Jem Estrella, and Mac Pastrana. It was a very challenging and fun event.

Men's Health Ubanathlon 2008

March 2009,  We joined the Men's Health Miracle Run 2009. This time, the group was starting to grow.
We have recruited Shai, Manny, Zen and Roger.
MH Miracle Run 2009
When I started running, my goal was to loose a lot of fats for me to win the weight loss challenge and to have a lean body for summer outing. I have a difficulty in running during those times. I was not able to run continuously, I have to walk after a few kilometers because I was experiencing shin splints and side stitches. I do not even know what PR means and my only concern was to finish the race.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ANr Ortigas 21K LSD

It was a rainy a Wednesday night, when RunningAtom and I decided to attend Adination ortigas 16th week session. After arriving in Mcdonald's Pearl Drive we saw the ANr Runners taking group pictures so we ran
as fast as we can to join them. There were new faces in ANr Ortigas but they were not strangers to me anymore. Most of them were my running mates in Six:30 running group (UP Based) like Igy,Cyril, and Jonj.

Adination Ortigas Running Group

Every month, Adination Ortigas set a long slow distance or LSD. It was a training routine that helps a runner to build muscles and cardiovascular endurance for longer distance runs. Kowts Luis set a route that will cover 21K run and he also told us where are the stop-over. We started at exactly 8PM.

Our first station was Tiendecitas.

         2nd station: St. Paul

3rd station : St. Martin
  4th Station:  Convenience Store along C5

5th station: The Grove Rockwell
Mcdonald's Libis
Boundary of Katipunan and Marikina 

It was a great night for us because the weather give way to our LSD. The temperature was just fine.I  was able to ran smoothly, I did not experience any shin splints and chaffing but feel a little bit bloated because I consumed 3 Gatorade and 1 mineral water during the run.  After Kilometer 17,  we stop over in Jollibee Green  Meadows for a while.Some of us bought some fries while the other runners refilled their hydration bottles.

The remaining 4 kilometers seems like it was the longest 4K I ever ran. 11:30PM and we are still running in Green Meadows going back to Pearl drive.  Some of us are first timers in 21K Long runs.

Gutom + Antok + Pagod = My 21K Career High in running
We  finished the LSD for 4 hours Road time and 2:43:00 Actual time.  I will never get scared of running half marathon anymore. After ANr Ortigas LSD, I have decided to join my first half marathon race (Camsur Marathon) and I also realized that running long distance is hard but not impossible to finish.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lets run to build libraries for school children!

A child’s ability to read and learn is by far the most important skill that will get him or her through life. Unfortunately, children all over the country suffer from having little access to books that can feed their minds and broaden their knowledge on various subjects. Public libraries supposed to be their means to learn more are ill equipped, under-funded, unmanned and simply in bad physical condition, therefore failing on their function.

The Philippines only has about 688 public libraries, less than 40% of the required minimum 1,851 libraries to serve 220 congressional districts, 136 cities and 1,495 municipalities. This affects some 40% of the population or nearly 40 million Filipinos as it unacceptably deprives our children of a resource that could spell a difference for their future. Together with National Bookstore’s Buklat Aklat program, the Run to Read fun run was created to raise funds to build Leave-Behind public libraries in rural and less fortunate urban areas to offer hope for our youth’s future.


3k | 5k |10k |15k | 500m for kids

July 1 – August 8, 2010


PHP 500 for 500m for kids (tandem with 1 parent)
PHP 300 for 3k
PHP 350 for 5k
PHP 400 for 10k
PHP 450 for 15k

(Inclusive of singlet, race number and certificate)

Runners and interested participants who’d like to take a step in contributing to this cause can register at:

Secondwind Store QC, 88 Maginhawa St. Teachers Village, Diliman Quezon City
Secondwind Store Ortigas, Ortigas Home Depot, 1 Dona Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas
All Terra Cyclery, Club 650 Libis, Quezon City
BrandWorX Inc Head Office, Penthouse Eurovilla 2 Bldg., V.A. Rufino St. Makati City
Runnr Store B3 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, Philippines
Reebok Festival Supermall, SM Megamall and TriNoma
Royal Sporting House, AliMall, Glorietta 4 and Robinsons Place Ermita

Registration may also be done online thru And if the early bird catches the worm, registrants from July 1- 15, 2010 get P50 off the registration fee. Registration for Run to Read Fun Run is from July 1 to August 8. Fees to participate in the run are from  P350 to P500 depending on the distance.

Be up to date with Run To Read, visit,  for inquiries email

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rock and Rain

Rock and Run is a running event and rock concert combined. It really sounds cool, so I invited my friends to join the event. I registered in Toby's Trinoma last June 13, 2010. The cashier told me that they do not have the race kit and It can be claim on June 16, 3 days before the event.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 12:00 PM.  I went to Runnr's Booth  in BHS just to claim our race kit. It took me 3 hours standing in the long line of angry race kit claimants. I am very fortunate that day because I  brought my umbrella. It was a very hot afternoon and many of us was suffering the heat of sun.

The distribution of race kit was a disaster. Many registered runners are missing in their list. I wonder why it happened. We already submitted the registration form
3 days before and yet our names are not listed. Well, they resolved that problem by getting the names of the unlisted runner again and ask for their receipts as a proof.  of course it waste a lot of time.
After I receive the race kit, I immediately look at the singlet. The design was great and it fits me well.

Saturday, June 19,2010  The race day.

My friend Ryzzla texted me  that we will meet up in podium at 3:30 PM.  She was very excited because it was her first official timed run. Eden was the first one to arrive in the meeting place. I ask her to
have some coffee while waiting for the JP and Ryzzla. Bonding time : )

We arrived at BHS around 5PM.  We saw a lot of runners already warming up. After we park the car in Serendra. The rains starts to fall. shocks!!!!!!!!!!!

That moment, one crazy idea came into my mind. What if I do the John Lloyd sun dance?

We cant help but to wait for the rain to stop. 30 minutes passes by and still the rain was going stronger.
Ryzzla decided  not to run anymore because she might got sick. When Eden told me she wanted to run,
I immediately remove my 5k race bib and  borrow Ryzzla's race bib. I ran 3k with Eden.

                                                              Ryzzla, Myself, and Eden

It was Eden's first official run and also my first run in 3k Category. It feels great to ran in the rain, a new experience for me. I had to run with Eden's pace. I told her that we can walk if she was already tired.
So we walk for 2 minutes  and run for 2 minutes. She had a hard time in running because she was wearing contact lenses and the wind direction was against us.

Along the way, we stop at the water station to have a drink. We grab a glass of red bull energy drink that i think contains approx. 2 bottles.

I feel a little bit warmer and jittery after a few minutes of drinking red bull. I already know the hyper feeling of Jim Carry in the movie YESMAN.

After crossing the finish line, the rain just stop. We just took some pictures and decided to get the giveaways.

Rock and Run event is big mess. A very disorganized event. The concert was canceled and the security of the runners were compromised.

On the brighter side, It was a fun experience running in the rain.
That night, I don't care about PR anymore, I don't care if the rain doesn't stop. I just  enjoy the moment.

I saw Running Atom in the claiming area, searching for our runner friends wearing a flashlight in his head.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lagnat Laki

Day after our company outing in Club Balai Isabel, I got sick.I feel weak that morning that is why i decided to take a sick leave for that day. I was thinking that having a break will make feel better.

The next day, I find myself lying in my bed and chilling. I have a fever on my birthday. Because of my unstable body temperature (My fevers goes up and down), I cant help but to celebrate my birthday in Fatima  Hospital.

They gave me some medicine in the ER and get a blood sample (Ouch!!) from me for laboratory Testing. The diagnostics of the doctor is that i have an acute tonsillitis and my CVC is 13 which means I have a high infection. Doc recommend me to take a strong antibiotic (625 MG) 3x a day for 7 days.  I also went home afternoon that day.

Because my mom and I have the same birthday, my siblings visited us in the house. Ate Mona brought a bucket of KFC chicken and kuya brought a black forrest cake. As usual, my mom cooked Spaghetti and Caldereta.

Its was funny and annoying that I was not able to eat those foods on my birthday. I cannot swallow solid foods. I cant help but to eat lucky me supreme during my birthday. I remember what my father called that scenario "Lagnat Laki".

Despite of my sickness, I had fun reading birthday greetings of my friends and relatives. Thanks to Snaptu! I was able to check my facebook and twitter account in my phone. By the way, my
desktop and my digital camera also malfunctioned that day...

Thursday, April 23, 2009. I was supposed to get back to the office because I feel better that day. But my mom told me to process all the documents of my acquired property. My sister accompany me in Valenzuela Municipal Office.

Afternoon that day, when we are busy chatting in our house, we noticed that our neighbors were shouting in the street calling my sister "Mona, may sunod sa may lugar ninyo!".

We ran as fast as we can to their house and gather all important things like documents and other valuable things. I immediately shutoff the master switch and take out the LPG.

When the fire goes near to my sister's house, I went up to the roof and I open the water tank. There are a few neighbors who helped me, I look like jack ( a macho version) who fetch a pale of water so that we can stop the fire from spreading.

I accidentally stepped in plastic yero and it crash down. I did not noticed my wounds yet that time. After an an hour, The fire was done. The fireman saw my chicken legs and immediately called the pretty nurse. That was the time i noticed that my legs was WAKWAK.

Saturday that week, the running addicts (Myself, Runnning atom, progrunner, and minnierunner) were scheduled to run for Greenfield sunset run.

I had a great day that day. though i was not able to run. I just walk 8K and take pictures to the field. The sunset was very dramatic and the route was great. My adination family were there and we enjoyed the photo ops in the bus.

Lesson learned:

1. I got my tonsillitis due to excessive shouting during the

cheering contest in our company outing.

2. If only  I choose to  join  Running Atom and MinnieRunner in Natgeo  Run, I will never got sick.. hahahaha they told me that a lot of times.

3. I learned to process property documents. I am already paid!
yipeee!!! just waiting for my land title.

4. Many of my friends and relatives never forgot my birthday.

5. Celebrating my birthday in ER is a good experience.. a cool
change! :)

6. Eating together with your family will make make enjoy your

food even if it is lucky me supreme.

7. Lucky me supreme in every meal for 4 days will make you loose

 4 lbs. (Believe me it sucks! but effective :)

8. All material things are temporary. It will vanished in just a few moment. Life is more important than things. We can  replace properties and things but we cannot replace lives. During  that fire incident stay calm and have a presence of mind. Do not forget your cellphone so that you can get the contact number in case there was a cute nurse.

9. In spite of all the misfortune, if you choose to be happy.
you will be happy! Be grateful of everything you have and God will bless you more. :)