Monday, May 3, 2010

Lagnat Laki

Day after our company outing in Club Balai Isabel, I got sick.I feel weak that morning that is why i decided to take a sick leave for that day. I was thinking that having a break will make feel better.

The next day, I find myself lying in my bed and chilling. I have a fever on my birthday. Because of my unstable body temperature (My fevers goes up and down), I cant help but to celebrate my birthday in Fatima  Hospital.

They gave me some medicine in the ER and get a blood sample (Ouch!!) from me for laboratory Testing. The diagnostics of the doctor is that i have an acute tonsillitis and my CVC is 13 which means I have a high infection. Doc recommend me to take a strong antibiotic (625 MG) 3x a day for 7 days.  I also went home afternoon that day.

Because my mom and I have the same birthday, my siblings visited us in the house. Ate Mona brought a bucket of KFC chicken and kuya brought a black forrest cake. As usual, my mom cooked Spaghetti and Caldereta.

Its was funny and annoying that I was not able to eat those foods on my birthday. I cannot swallow solid foods. I cant help but to eat lucky me supreme during my birthday. I remember what my father called that scenario "Lagnat Laki".

Despite of my sickness, I had fun reading birthday greetings of my friends and relatives. Thanks to Snaptu! I was able to check my facebook and twitter account in my phone. By the way, my
desktop and my digital camera also malfunctioned that day...

Thursday, April 23, 2009. I was supposed to get back to the office because I feel better that day. But my mom told me to process all the documents of my acquired property. My sister accompany me in Valenzuela Municipal Office.

Afternoon that day, when we are busy chatting in our house, we noticed that our neighbors were shouting in the street calling my sister "Mona, may sunod sa may lugar ninyo!".

We ran as fast as we can to their house and gather all important things like documents and other valuable things. I immediately shutoff the master switch and take out the LPG.

When the fire goes near to my sister's house, I went up to the roof and I open the water tank. There are a few neighbors who helped me, I look like jack ( a macho version) who fetch a pale of water so that we can stop the fire from spreading.

I accidentally stepped in plastic yero and it crash down. I did not noticed my wounds yet that time. After an an hour, The fire was done. The fireman saw my chicken legs and immediately called the pretty nurse. That was the time i noticed that my legs was WAKWAK.

Saturday that week, the running addicts (Myself, Runnning atom, progrunner, and minnierunner) were scheduled to run for Greenfield sunset run.

I had a great day that day. though i was not able to run. I just walk 8K and take pictures to the field. The sunset was very dramatic and the route was great. My adination family were there and we enjoyed the photo ops in the bus.

Lesson learned:

1. I got my tonsillitis due to excessive shouting during the

cheering contest in our company outing.

2. If only  I choose to  join  Running Atom and MinnieRunner in Natgeo  Run, I will never got sick.. hahahaha they told me that a lot of times.

3. I learned to process property documents. I am already paid!
yipeee!!! just waiting for my land title.

4. Many of my friends and relatives never forgot my birthday.

5. Celebrating my birthday in ER is a good experience.. a cool
change! :)

6. Eating together with your family will make make enjoy your

food even if it is lucky me supreme.

7. Lucky me supreme in every meal for 4 days will make you loose

 4 lbs. (Believe me it sucks! but effective :)

8. All material things are temporary. It will vanished in just a few moment. Life is more important than things. We can  replace properties and things but we cannot replace lives. During  that fire incident stay calm and have a presence of mind. Do not forget your cellphone so that you can get the contact number in case there was a cute nurse.

9. In spite of all the misfortune, if you choose to be happy.
you will be happy! Be grateful of everything you have and God will bless you more. :)