Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why am I excited of Rexona Run?

It was last June 2010 when I invited Ryzzla and Eden to join the rexona run along with their friends.
Eden was the one who registered us in Timex Megamall during the first day of the registration to get the
limited Black-Gold Rexona singlet. I was planning to run my first half marathon in the said event but with the lack of time to prepare, I decided to join 10K instead.

So what are the things that I am excited about Rexona run?

Ryzzla and Eden

I miss their company, the "Kulitan" and "Picturan" sessions. They are newbie in the sports of running,  and I am proud  to say that somehow, I influenced them to get out of their comfort zone and run. The two previous events  (K4K run and Rock and Run)  that I run with them is was so organized events. It was their first Runrio event with timing chip and photovendo.

Epey's First Fun Run

Jenifer is my cousin, we have the same age that is why we are somehow close to each other. Every time I posted my running pictures, she always put likes and comments. She told me before that she wants ti try running but i am not convinced that she was really interested not until I she posted the photos of her racekit with her name in the envelop. I have another cousin that was hooked into running. :) 

A new innovation of  getting race result. I am very curious about what it looks like, how accurate and how effective it is compare to champion chip. It was my first D-tag time chip,an additional item to my collection.

Runrio Card
Rio Dela Cruz launch his Runrio Card. A discount card to Runrio events and to some running stores soon.

Six30 Running Group
Rexona Run was the first running event that Six30 have a Banner and a meeting station.

The Race Day.

I woke up 2:30 in the morning, I  have rice and adobo for my breakfast. My bag was already set. I prepare it the night before. I left the house around 3am and took a bus ride. It takes an hour for me to arrived in the venue (SM Mall of Asia), I have enough time to do warm ups because the 10K gun start was 5:20am
Eden had my race kit and my singlet and we agreed to meet early morning before the race. Eden woke up  4:30am and she texted me that shes just woke up and try to arrive as soon as she can.

While walking going to the baggage area. I saw my fellow Six30 runner Drew and Cyril in the front of baggage counter taking pictures. I don't why they choose the Portalet area to be our meeting place.

Igy, Marvs, Drew and Me

My cousin ( Jenifer AKA Epey) texted me and asked me where I am. I told her that I will meet her in the baggage area, beside the starting line, but we did not see each other. lately we I realized that she was in the other side of the starting line.We were in the same event  but unfortunately we do not have the chance to have a picture together. I'm proud of her, she finished 5K and It was her first run.

After 30mins, The 21K runners was about to start and still, I do not have my race kit. Eden texted me again saying that she had a hard time getting a cab and she was already near Pasay. I knew that I will never start the race on time. After a few minutes the 10K runners already started.

I do stretching while waiting for my running buddies, I decided to ran 3K instead of 10K. My goal  of having a new PR was replaced by making my running buddies to have their new PR. Every things happens for a reason, instead of getting pissed off because of happened to my 10K race, I choose to enjoy the run. We always have the option to choose our respond. 

We started running at around 6am. They have no time for stretching that is why we start running slowly. I set my stopwatch and paced with them. It was very funny that every time they stop running, I brought out my camera and took pictures and they cant help it but to run again for the sake of pictures. Eden and I finished the race at 33mins unofficial time. Ryzzla, Ecka, and Joy finished a few minutes after. We take some pictures every kilometer markers.

We immediately went to the loot bag boot to get our freebies. I was surprised when I got my loot bag, It was full of goods. (Rexona, Shampoo, Powerade, Century Tuna, Etc).

Me,Ryzzla, Eka, Joy and Eden

Picture with Six30 Group with out Banner

Team Six30 Photo-Ops

Breakfast with new friends
Some of my fellow Six30 Runner got there new running PR. Luigi and Louie got their fist Sub60 10k, Gary and Jonj finished their first 10k.

What do I and learned and achieved after the race?

1. Murphy's Law exist. "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".

2. We have the option to choose our response. Shit happens but I choose to have fun.
I have a lot of races waiting for me. It happens to me before so Im already used to it. I can beat my PR soon, maybe rexona was not the right time but It wont stop me from getting my goal.

3. Running Group helps a lot. A few weeks before the race, I joined the six30 Group. Being one of them makes me feel that I never run alone in my journey. We support each other and we belong to a group that promotes our common interest which is the love of Running. Six30 Group aims to develop newbie runners and make the more advance runners to get more faster.

4. I gain a lot of friends.  Every time I joined races, my friends often introduced me to their friends. I noticed that I saw a lot of friends during and after the race. I do not have a hard time finding my photos in Greentenial Photo album because some of  them  tag me already in the facebook. I already have 40 plus runner friends in my list and counting. I may not beat my running PR (Personal Record) but I improved a lot of
PR( Public Relation).