Monday, April 12, 2010

My accidental First 15K Run (Globe Run for Home 2010)

I already blogged on how am I able to get a free registration of Globe run in my first post . Three days after I submitted my registration form. Nikki of Sybase texted me saying that Ernie and I were already registered. I am very excited that time and I replied to her immediately. She texted me again saying there was a slight problem, there were no available slots for 5K and 10K anymore that's why they registered us in 15K  category. I feel a mixed emotion, I am shocked but i feel a little bit of excitement.

Early morning of the race day, Running Atom and I met in GMA Kamuning Ministop at around 4:30 am.
We are expecting that the 15K category will start at 5:10am. but, it didn't start that early. It started at 5:30am.
It was blessing in disguise, We have enough time to check in our bags in the baggage counter and do our warm-up and stretching.

For my first 3 kilometers, I started slow. I was running for about 9Min./KM. a very comfortable face for me.
After passing the 5K marker, I feel a little bit disappointed because I saw a lot of 10K runners passing me.

But then, I still ran with my comfortable pace, reserving my energy for the second half of the race.
There are a lot of water stations during the race that's why hydration was never been a problem that time.
Sponge is also available and it gives me a very good refreshment.  I saw my friend Ernie walking near Libingan ng mga Bayani. After the U-turn, I saw a few 15k runners walking. By that time, I feel like
I have enough energy to finish the race at my target time(2hrs).

I ran a little bit faster during the second half and after passing the 10k marker. I cant believe of what i have said. "Sa wakas! 5K Nalang!".  I looked at my watch and the time was 1 hr 23 min.I got my average 10K time.

It was 7:30am and its getting hotter. I was running along buendia flyover that time when I set my playlist to
Don Moen's Album.  I sung in my mind the word of praise while running.  I try to focus in listening to
the music to ignore the pain in my legs.

The last kilometer was very crucial. I unleashed all my energy that time. When I saw the Finnish line, I forced my legs to sprint up to the end.  I finished the 15K race at 2:00:42.

A very exhausting 15K race yet a very self fulfilling experience.