Sunday, November 28, 2010

Runrio Afroman Distance

A week before the race, I knew that I would experience a difficulty to finish  the 32k Afroman distance race due to my poor running condition that week and my poor performance in my previous race ( MH Urbanathlon).

Even though I am scared of what will happen in the race, I knew that I can finish it. But, there are a lot of questions in my mind like

How can I maintain my energy up to the end of the race?

What will I do if my shin splints attack again?

How can I survive the Buendia flyover without exerting to much energy so that
I can reserve it for McKinley and Lawton route?

What will I do to survive the heat of the sun?
I never run more than 3 hours in my previous races, how can I survive hitting the "Wall"?

  • Two days before the race, I began carboloading and load a lot of drinks that contains electrolytes. 
  • I make sure that I have enough sleep  at least 2 days before the race.
  • I did not do practice runs anymore and rest my legs for the race day.
  • I psyched up my mind. I review the quotes of Dre Parker (Karate kid 2010).
  • I watch the video of Jeff Galloway because I will use his 5 minutes run 1 minute walk strategy.
  • I make sure that I will bring my Ipod on the race day. It will take a long time for me to finish and I need music to fight boredom.
  • I decided to wear a dry fit shirt and arm warmers instead of singlet to protect myself to sun burn.


I woke up 2am, thanks to sleepasil because I easily got sleepy the night before, I had  5 hours sleep and felt fully charged that morning. Running Atom and I met in ministop timog and have our breakfast. We arrived at BHS around 4am, enough for us to do warm ups.

The race starts at 4:30 am, I began to  run at slow pace ( 9 min per KM) and I decide to stick to the plan.
 I run 5 minutes and walk 1 minute, even though  I can manage to run  more than 5 minutes, I still walk for 1 minute to reserve energy.

I became a watch dog that moment. I look at my watch every now and then, while listening to Don Moen playlist. I saw Ellen Castillo of Team CB along Buendia flyover, She was also doing a Galloway method but, Instead of 5:1 Galloway, she was doing a 10:2 method. I paced with her for a moment and I lost her along pasong tamo loop.

Way back to Buendia flyover, I ate a hammer gel  and started walking to relax my legs and regain my energy.
After running 2 hours, I have reached KM 15 and I can still able to run. I recover my energy fast by doing the galloway. I have reached the KM21 at 2 hrs 52 minutes,One minute faster than my Camsur Pikermi.

I saw a lot of runners putting some ointments and massaging their knees in KM27. I cannot imagine that I can still run at that distance, I experienced neck and back pain but It was manageable. I did not experience shin splints, knee pains, and chaffing. The weather also kind to us, It was a cloudy day.

I am listening to my Ipod almost all throughout the race. I even sung a song of praise while running.
I know God was giving me the strength. I have a doubt to myself but I asked for his guidance and I knew he will guide me. I have a lack of preparation, I do not have a heat training and I never run a 32Km distance before. But he made it easy for me to finish the race. The weather was perfect, and as all we know, It was beyond our control.

I am worried that I will encounter shin splints or my knee injury will appear again but it never did. But again, It was beyond my control. May the glory be to God almighty. nothing is impossible with him.

I think God makes a lot of favor for me  that day. Here are the reasons why:

1. He gave us a great weather
2. I did not experience shins splints
3. No Injury
4. No knee pain
5. I was able to beat my PR in 21km
6. I was able to maintain my pace and energy
7. a very well organized event with sufficient hydration,sponge,banana, and energy gel
-Lots of freebies and a nice medal
8. Running career high
9. I finished at the time of 4 Hours 34 minutes.

Photography by: Weslee OraƱa