Monday, March 21, 2011

The Tale of the 3 Marathons ( The Mango, The Dolphin, and The Bull )

Cebu International Marathon

TBR Dream Marathon 2011 was supposedly to be my first marathon, but Cebu International Marathon accidentally opens a window for me. When Wesley Oraña  got injured in Rizal Day Run, he asked me if
I want to replace him.  Since I was already booked in Cebu that time and registered to run for 21K category, I decided to give my racekit to other runner and take the shot to run my first marathon in Cebu.

I already build a good base of mileage last december and I am confident that I can finish the race.
Cebu International Marathon is a well organized event. They have sufficient hydration stations,
Sponges, Banana, First aid, and Cebuano Cheerers singing sinulog theme song.

I experienced difficulty in my  run  in Cebu because of the scortching hot and very humid weather.
Upon reaching KM32,  My energy began to deminished.  It was 9:30 in the morning but It feels like
I was running during 2:00 in the afternoon ( Now I know what it feels to be a danggit or dried mangoes).

I was able to cross the finish line at at 7:14:00 and I do not experience the emotional feeling
that most of the first timers oftenly said.  I realized a lot of things during the race and my trainings, LSDs, and all the friends who gave moral support to me flashes in my mind.

My hardwork paid off!


Condura Skyway Marathon

After a month. Condura Skyway Marathon comes very fast. Many of my runner friends were already registered. A week before the race, I saw the post of Aileen Piacos of Hungout Buddies selling her 42K racekit for a chep price of Php900. At first, I was very hesitant to join Condura Marathon because of its high registration fee.

During the race, I paced with Gary Chua is a marathon first timer. We did a 10:1 Galloway
at first few kilometers and then change our running plan. We decided to run during downhill and just
walk during the uphills. I really appreciate the cold weather during the race because of what I had experience in cebu.  The event is well organized like the previous Condura races.  The route is awesome, Its feels like I am Son Gokou running in the snake road in Dragon Ball Z.

Upon reaching the 21K turn around point, we are still doing good.  Not until,  Km32 when Gary Chua encounters knee pain. We walked for about 4Km  until we reached Ayala area.  It was in  Km40 when I asked him if we could sprint the remaining kilometer but he said that he cannot manage to run anymore. He told me to go ahead, so I ran as fast I can. It was a strong finish for me, I sprinted the last 100 meter stretch to the finish line. I finished at 6:18:00, 56 minutes faster than my cebu marathon.

After I got my medal, I joined the Team CB in the finish line. We wait for other team mates to finish the race and have our lunch at Chowking. That day I decided to join the team officially  and said
"Team CB ako".



TBR Dream Marathon

After a month again,  March 2011, The Bullrunner Dream Marathon is coming like a raging bull. The latter is the first marathon under my name and I have no reason to mess it up. But a lot of  things happens to me before the race. I was not able to attend the final long run of TBR Bull session because
I undergo tooth extraction and my dentist did not let me run for  a week.

I only have a total of 25Km run for the month of march. I have 0 mileage for 2 weeks before TBR Dream marathon. It seems that I am not excited or prepared for TBR marathon. Two days before the race, I attended the BDM Victory/TBR Send-off party of Team CB and we got home around 2:00 in the morning. The next day, I woke up late and felt a little hangover.

To compensate my sleep, I slept again afterlunch and woke up at 4pm. I met Jay Samson and Cousin Rose Marie in Mercury Drugs munoz and then we set off to Nuvali Sta rosa Laguna. Thanks God because of the breezy weather that night. Gary Chua and Mich de Ocampo were supposedly  my running buddies that night but something happens.  We started running as a group together with Team CB pacers Wesley and Rodel Argonout Cuaton. At the second drinking station, Coach Argo and I grabbed a cup for a while and then suddenly we lost them.

With Coach Rodel "Argonout" Cuaton
We saw our fellow TCB team mates Doc Art, Daie, and Bills and joined them. We are doing a 3:1 Galloway until we reached KM 10.  Coach Argo told me to go ahead if I wanted to break my personal record. I do not have GPS watch so it is hard for me to monitor my pace. So I asked him if he could pace me and he immedialy agreed.

So the show just get started. We ran a  8 min/km steady  pace and 5:1 Galloway.  Coach Argo asked my
10K and 32K PR and then Voila. He already conclude that I can finish the race by 5:30:00.  Upon reaching KM 19 we already overtaken our fellow TCB Gary Chua and Wesley Oraña .  

At the 21Km turn around point, I experienced a slight muscle cramps in my right calves. I popped a capsule of salt stick to reduce muscle cramp and It did. But, the sad part is that gave me a water retention because of the salt. I felt heavy (Bloated)  because I already loaded a lot of sports drinks. I try to pee a few times but I couldnt release any fluids.

KM 39 I encountered leg cramps again. We can not help but to stop in the nearest station to seek first aid. The medical assistant gave me a calf stretch and massage.  When Coach Argo saw his fellow pacer Earl and KB runner going near with us he said to the medic "Pwede na yan!". 

My pace began to drop and my legs muscles were already tired. My pacer said to me "Hindi na kaya ang 5:30 at malabo na tayo mag sub 6hrs". I replied "Ok lang coach" and he said " Hindi pwede yun! tara takbo!".

300 meters away the finish line, I already heard the music from the stage. I saw a lot of friends cheering me and taking pictures. The pain and the fatigue just went away like magic, I got excited and I already feel the second wind but I encountered a leg cramps again.  Beeps Santos was there and paced me for a  few meters.

When I saw the finish line and the time, I dont know what happened but my energy came back.
I sprinted all the way to the finish line having an adrenaline rush like Ultimate Warrior. It was a sweet victory for me placing ranking 136  over 313 finishers.

I will never forget the TBR Dream Marathon.  Even though, It is already my third marathon but
TBR Dream Marathon's aura makes me feel that it was my first. Everyone is emotional and
satisfied with the event. I feel the marathon drama somehow. :)

Special Thanks to Marvin Pangan, Athan Manas and Kat Orbista for the photos
amd Madelin Galvez  for some grammar correction.

It is impossible for me to finish the three marathons without the encouragement, advices, and support  of my running groups.

TEAM CB (Rayzies) 

Six:30 (Barneys)

aNR Ortigas Pearl (Pearlies)


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